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At some point or another, I have been, still am, or will be interested in just about everything related to engineering and topics beyond as well. As an undergrad, I studied mechanical engineering and both of my internships focused on mechanical design engineering.

After graduating, I joined the Peace Corps where I served as a civil engineer for two years. Due to a lack of steady internet access and electricity during my service, I dedicated my free time to exploring many hobbies and eventually discovering my passion for photography. After moving from my rural community to a regional capital for my last six months, I dedicated a large portion of my time to learning web development and to a lesser extent web design.

Since returning from the Peace Corps, I have continued my pursuit of knowledge related to web development, learning about everything from CSS on the front-end to Flask on the back-end. Furthermore, with regained internet access I was able to finally explore the Arduino and Raspberry Pi in depth. So much so, that I now teach an Introduction to Arduino class at the Cambridge Hackspace and have founded an electrical engineering startup focused on tools for these two devices. The hackspace has also offered me a great place to explore woodworking, laser cutting, and 3D printing.

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Travis Bumgarner
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